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The Corporation

Designing Opportunities Since 2018

Award-winning hiTechMODA Productions combines traditional fashion runway shows with the latest innovations and the new “thinking of fashion.” We are a cutting-edge runway production house focusing on established, emerging, and Indie fashion designers, identifying current marketing trends and aligning with new thought leaders who are committed to transforming the way industry operates today. We lead in the industry by creating opportunities to market and advertise our designers and assist them in elevating their brands.

After the disruption in the supply chain and brick-and-mortar store closings, how designers can reach their audience has radically changed. There are opportunities for disruption, but you have to be able to pivot quickly. We believe the future of fashion is rethinking how business is done, working towards sustainability, and being available to anyone anywhere, and empowering consumers and designers/brands alike. From our first season in 2018 to now, our mission has been to inspire, empower and encourage anyone who brings their talent to our runways wherever we are. We create events that combine elements of our designers' creativity and express those on the runway. We work to create opportunities specifically tailored to you. hiTechMODA provides a professional, affordable runway with high-quality production at state-of-the-art and unique venues, complete with professional photography and video.

Our mission is designing opportunities, and everything we do is with that in mind. We specialize in providing avenues for emerging new-to-market and young prodigy designers, up-and-coming and aspiring models of all ages, shapes, and sizes, photographers, and videographers. In addition to this, we also specialize in bringing in a host of interns and volunteers from some of the region's most prestigious fashion design and business schools.

Winner of 2022 Best Fashion Platform and 2022 MODERN CEO Award.

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