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Experience spectacular designer fashion shows featuring National and International talent, catering to a variety of aesthetics and visions.

hiTechMODA shows are par excellence, professionally produced events providing an opportunity to sponsors, designers, and models looking to showcase their companies, collections, and talent on the runway. From couture to our Sustainable Runway and everything between, we offer a variety of shows throughout the year in several locations, including New York City, Orlando, and Paris.

What type of models do we work with?

We are always looking for male and female modeling talent and influencers of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds!

Whether you are just starting out in the modeling world, or you are an experienced model or influencer, you will be welcomed! hiTechMODA offers a variety of services to fit your needs. From runway, billboard and magazine exposure, to classes teaching you how to walk the runway, gain confidence as a model and get the exposure you need to move up in the modeling world.  We have a runway for each level of modeling.



NYFW Season 12


September 6 - 7 2024

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