Soon after moving to New Mexico in 2003, Sandy and Lee purchased land and started Whispering Spirit Alpacas ranch. They aimed to begin their encore career in agribusiness. Dedicated to no-kill, eco-friendly, sustainable activities on their land, they discovered the delight of breeding and raising alpacas.


Starting with three females, one of which was pregnant, they established a colorful herd, inspired by the natural colors for their fiber endeavors.

For five years, both juggled their careers as attorneys with their interest in raising alpaca and creating handcrafted, wearable, non-woven, needle-felted textiles from their animal’s amazing fibers. Delighted with the results, they started Whispirit, The brand specializes in handcrafted, wearable art garments and accessories and artisan fabrics lines.

Recognition for Whispirit

Whispirit’s garments and fabrics have earned a number of prizes at art and design shows, including the Best of Taos at the Taos Wool Festival, Best New Artist at the Weems International Festival and Best Artist Wearable Art at the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole, WY.

Whispirit garments are available in four boutiques:

Handwoven Originals (Santa Fe), Artemisia (Taos), Diva (Sedona) and Diva’s Women’s Wear (Scottdale).


Whispirit introduced a plus-size collection in 2017, which will be featured as part of hiTechMODA’s runway event September 8, 2018, during New York Fashion Week.