NYFW hiTechMODA Season 8: Showcasing Designer - Phyllis Emelda

This September, Phyllis Emelda will show five collections during NYFW on hiTechMODA Season 8 runways. The Phyllis Emelda Collection spans the generations, from a tasteful Streetwear Collection to an all-new Wardrobe in a Box—designed for women who work and travel—to Drama Dressing composed of contemporary styles for the more fashionable, and then the Couture Collection (Just Coats by Phyllis Emelda). The Couture collection features fabrics from faux fur to silk, tapestry, and chiffon. Phyllis Emelda will be finishing with The Signature Collection, a couture line of dresses and suits.

Phyllis is a designer whose work has spanned the past 4 decades and whose life and work will be heralded in her biography, 45 Eldridge, written by Dr. Morissa Schwartz, owner of DrRissysWriting.com with an exclusive reception being held during NYFW at the prestigious Hotel Edison, NYC.

Phyllis Emelda grew up in the inner city of Oakland, California. surrounded by an enormous extended family that gathered every Sunday to share and feel blessed to be together. Even at a young age, she was never one to play games or act like a silly child. Instead, she saved her money to buy potato chips which she used to reward her cousins when they came to her "classroom" to learn. Even then, Phyllis took charge.