Model 101: What's in your bag?

Hello, Models! I'm Rachel Lauren, your Model Mentor! My mission is to make sure you have everything you need in your model bag! Being prepared is one of the most important keys for a model! Having your model bag packed correctly is the best way to stay prepared!

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There is a list of the items that are model bag essential! I always teach this in my model workshops to help them to be prepared for all fashion runways, fittings, photoshoots, showroom modeling, and much more!

*Bras- strapless bras in black and skin toned

*Body Shaper- in black and skin toned

*Heels- make sure that your bag also contains black and nude heels (never wedges)

*Deodorant- clear deodorant plus antiperspirant is a must! You do not want to mess up the designer's clothes

*Foundation- perfectly matched foundation and concealer will make sure your close ups are looking as natural as possible

*Tank tops- tank tops in black and skin toned

*Leggings- black leggings are a must!

*Pasties- nipple coverings or pasties in your skin tone

*Thongs- 2 pairs of black and 2 pairs of skin toned thongs

*Light snack- keep a light protein filled snack and a bottle of water; sometimes before you know it, it's been 6 hours! Keeping a snack and some water will help keep going

*Portable Phone charger

*Mints (never gum)

*Band-aids- clear or skin toned band-aids for those little cuts or even a broken nail

*Lotion/Oil- just be sure to clean your hands after so you don't get it on the garment

*Razor- I always suggest to my models a small battery powered razor (and keep a couple extra batteries)

*Feminine hygiene products