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Updated: Mar 8

NYFW hiTechMODA Season 4 September 12, 2020 - 12 PM Designer: Mary Youssef Brand: Marie Belle Couture Collection: Royalty

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Mary Youssef is a Coptic Egyptian American, born in Cairo Egypt. She has a BA in Science, Clinical Lab Science and worked as a Microbiologist in NYC until she retired at the age of 30 to pursue her dream. She didn’t know exactly what it was but knew it wasn’t sitting in a lab for 12 hours a day with bacteria.

In 2017, Mary launched Marie Belle Couture and quickly gained recognition. In 2019 Marie Belle Couture dressed over 100 models, showing in Parade Fashion Week (July 2019), Charlotte Fashion Week (August 2019), NYFW (September 2019) and London Fashion Week (September 2019). Already this year, Marie Belle Couture has dressed close to 150 models, showing hiTechMODA NYFW (February 2020) and London Fashion Week (February 2020.)

Her designs have been featured in Child Model Magazine, Brand Model Magazine, Beyond Dreams Magazine, Illusion Magazine, International Kid model magazine, Baby Couture magazine, and Child Couture magazine.

Crafting has always been a part of her life, even a child. "I can spend hours applying my creative abilities and ideas well to my crafting projects. I am a self-taught designer, I taught myself how to sew, which was very challenging at times. I watched endless hours on YouTube tutorials. I love the sound of my sewing machine running, the creation of something new and beautiful is just pleasure, I grew up watching my grandmothers sew, seeing them make bridal gowns. I never got to learn from them but I know it runs in my DNA and I’m sure they are proud of me now."

For Mary and her brand, Marie Belle Couture, designing is more than just creating a pretty dress. It’s what the dress makes every girl recognize during a photo shoot session or on the runway. That she is pretty, a princess walking gracefully having fun in a princess dress made just for her. After hearing stories from moms about how girls don’t stop talking about their experience, how it brought them self-confidence and with the many heartwarming stories, she decided to come out with the Marie Belle Couture Pledge.

I am Loved I am Lovely I am Joyful I am Strong I am Perfect I am Beautiful I am Confident I am Made for a purpose I am Meeeeeeeeeeeeee I am a Marie Belle Couture Princess"So I will continue designing, bringing out beauty from the soul, touching girls’ lives and giving them an experience they will be talking about it for an eternity."

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