hiTechMODA Orlando Presents: Prashant Goyal Couture

Updated: Jul 4

Showing off the beautiful and colorful heritage of Heritage India Fashion is Prashant Goyal! Fascinated by design and the colors of fabrics, Goyal has made a name for himself in the New York City area. Goyal has a team of expert tailors, fabric supplies, and embroidery artisans that create unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Over his career, Prashant Goyal has collected particular fabrics such as an 18th-century silk fabric that has gold and silver work. Prashant Goyal has worked in both Bollywood and Hollywood, designing pieces for big movie stars like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. Heritage India Fashion has been published in countless international media and has been awarded the Fashion Indian Clothing but United Nations New York.

Join Prashant Goyal for a live interview with Omayra La Bella. IG: @hitechmoda, Tuesday, June 28th @ 7 PM EST!



Website: https://heritage-india-fashion.myshopify.com/

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/prashantcgoyal