hiTechMODA Orlando Presents: Madame VIP Plus Boutique

Updated: Jul 4

Started by Migna Vargas, Madame VIP Plus means fighter, powerful, and most importantly unique! Originating in Puerto Rico, Madame VIP Plus offers elegant, casual, and even bridal gowns for women of all ages and sizes. Ranging from sizes XS to 6X, Migna Liz was determined to serve the greatest interests of the customers. "My greatest interest is to serve you with the humility and honesty that you deserve."

Madam VIP Plus Boutique is a featured designer for hiTechMODA Orlando Latino Runway, Saturday, July 23, 2022, at @5:00 PM.

Join Migna for a live interview with Omayra La Bella: IG: @hiTechMODA, Sunday, June 26 @ 5 PM EST.