hiTechMODA Orlando Presents: Helen Swaim

Updated: Jul 12

Prompted by the values of loving and caring for others, the Musa Advocacy continuously inspires more people all over the world to embrace our causes.

Emerging from a simple desire of its founder, Ms. Joy Soo, to make a difference in the lives of indigenous women and persons deprived of liberty in her own community, the Musa Fabric woven by these very people is now patronized not just in the Philippines, but in other countries as well.

From its humble beginnings in the Philippines’ banana capital, the province of Davao del Norte, Musa which is mainly produced with banana fiber helps promote sustainable fashion.

This led to the inspiration of individuals, such as Ms. Helen Christene Swaim, to collaborate with Musa by incorporating her artistic hand-paintings in our bags.

By finding a common ground, both being Filipinas who are from the same hometown, Ms. Joy and Ms. Helen’s aspirations for The Musa Advocacy go together.

This is proven once again through the integration of Musa Fabric in Ms. Helen’s designs for the Musa Show in Orlando, aimed at supporting the Musa Advocacy causes.

With the support of the Filipino American community in the USA, Live at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace, Musa Resorts Wear by Ms. Helen Swaim will take the spotlight at the Hitechmoda Swimweek/Resorts Fashion Week

Written by: Jessica Mei De Leon for Helen Swaim