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JCW Video & Fotografia was founded in 2014 by Juan and Carmelita Woyciechowsky, a couple that works intensively. They are dedicated to producing, editing, and post-production of video and photography.

Juan and Carmelita Woyciechowsky

Juan's career began in Venezuela in 1979, where he studied and became a partner and technician in the pilot for Radio Caracas Television. After that, he held various technical positions in the independent soap opera productions "La Millonaria" and "Corazon de Diamante" in co-production with WAPA TV of Puerto Rico. He later worked on the TELEVEN Television Channel 10, for four years, as a Cameraman and Director of photography in the productions of the channel. He later worked as a correspondent, covering the capture of President Manuel Antonio Noriega with Julio Cesar Camacho journalist. His resume extends to other areas as well. He has experience in sound, lighting, focus, cameraman, camera assistant 1,2,3, machinist, gaffer, editing, post-production, and music.

Since the foundation of JWC Video, he and Carmelita have worked for productions like "The Last Cry" by Sofia Pellegrino Productions, broadcast on NETFLIX.

Carmelita's experience includes videographer, photographer, editing, and post-production. Her valuable sensitivity and creativity make her the perfect artist, being the pillar for Juan's perseverance and struggle. As an excellent team, they have attended, shot, and photographed many Fashion Shows, including the majority of hiTechMODA runways, both in New York and other markets. They are passionate about what they do and continue to have incredible moments in their lives, both artistically and professionally, while creating their dreams. JCW Productions.

Several of JCW's photos are featured on covers for hiTechMODA's MODA Models Magazine.

Juan and Carmelita will be shooting and filming with hiTechMODA Charlotte, hiTechMODA Orlando, Orlando Swim Week, and NYFW hiTechMODA Season 8. In addition, Carmelita is excited to be with hiTechMODA in Paris from September 29-October 1, 2022.

Follow Juan and Carmelita on Instagram @jcwvip.

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