DKDesign Fashion

DKDesign Fashion

Designer: Dr. and Mrs. Grant

New York Fashion Week

September 11, 2021 @ 5:00PM

Tickets are available at:

Turquoise and Gold.

Turquoise and gold; stone and Metal. One found in the sea and the other; the Earth. Aztec and Egyptian. Wisdom and Royalty. Mediterranean Waters and Gleaming Hot Sun. Life and Energy. Turquoise and Gold. This collection by Dkdesignfashion is an expression of my two favorite colors on earth, and an exploration of their harmony when combined together to stimulate designs. These colors come together to create young and modern styles for the Spring and the Summer collection. The colors representing inspiration to my show, I combine textures and fabrics (some of which are recycled from harvested plastic bottles) of glamour and sophistication to create a show truly celebrating the union of high-class and fashion forward street style with the amalgamation of Turquoise and Gold.

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