Clothing That Tells a Story

Updated: May 24

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ReGen Runway

Eco Bohème Couture Designer

Bèl Blàk Couture Ltd.

Dr. Làtifah Qawishabazz-Muhammad is an Eco Bohème Couture Designer and CEO of Bèl Blàk Couture Ltd, whose passion for art, history, and social research--- from elementary school through college---naturally led her to today. Whether the cultural subjects, social studies, or art history--- they all appealed to her because they were storytelling classes.

After spending most of her teenage life trying to become a vocalist, she became frustrated with her progress and decided to take a different path. "Little did I realize I would develop into an artist years later in a different form," Dr. Làtifah quipped.

She was motivated to become a fashion designer out of anger when she noticed a TV commercial. She recalled being upset because everything in the commercial looked like it would only fit a size two, and she was a plus-sized woman. Additionally, being a Muslim woman, shopping in clothing stores seemed largely a waste of time because there was very little they could wear. For example, midriffs were too revealing, or skirts had high slits.


Photo credits: Tasha Dwhaj and Joshua Yoo

Model credit: Tasha Dwhaj

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