Ar'Ganee Bahlajh Fashion

Ar'Ganee Bahlajh Fashion

Designer: Anthony Felton

hiTechMODA Orlando NY South

July 17, 2021 @ 3:30 PM

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Born: MAY 20th 1975 in Philadelphia PA.

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA

“Spent half of his 46yrs, in the Pennsylvania Correctional system using his last 8 1/2, yrs of that time learning how to hate what he at one time thought he worshipped. Anthony came home with a new plan to dedicate his time and energy to prevention by educating our youth. He does school visits, neighborhood corner pop-ups, personal one on one mentoring including conflict and problem resolutions. Vice president of Returning Citizens for Better Philadelphia, he also spends time visiting, writing, and speaking to past and current inmates hoping to also educate and motivate them as well. Following the path of his recently deceased father and President of The Returning Citizens for Better Philadelphia Malik Aziz, he is now looking to branch out on the political aspect starting with assisting with voter education and enrollment, in hopes of making a bigger impact in as many aspects affect our youth and our communities, our people and our rights. Being home for almost 5 years, Anthony has started a multitude of businesses including CORNERWORLDCORP  which is the umbrella overseer of ”FELTON Family Cleaning Service, Cornerworld Management, and the reason we are here ARGANEE BAHLAJH Fashion which stands for "Aggressively Bold." He does all of this while being a father of 11, a grandfather of 7, a brother, uncle, husband, and most importantly a striving Muslim. Anthony vows to never go back, to continue to be a productive citizen of the society and a role model to our youth. He will continue to dedicate and motivate, as well as, help with the rebuilding and restructuring of our communities and families while encouraging them to be "Aggressively Bold" in all they do in life.