Active Kids

Active Kids

Designer: Victoria Venczel

New York Fashion Week

September 11, 2021 @ 12:30PM

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Victoria Venczel is the Romanian designer who brought the traditional dress back to her

parents' attention, in the most beautiful and natural way. In the Active Kid workshop in Cluj, on the finest canvases, she embroiders traditional Romanian motifs, which are then transformed into outfits for the most important events in a child's life: from baptism to graduation.

“For over 14 years, the thread and the needle have been the pen with which I create fairytale outfits for children. I loved the popular dress and all those fascinating traditional motifs, full of color and messages. When I create a dress or a costume with traditional motifs, I feel that I connect with the past, with our roots and I let myself be carried away by creativity and the joy of giving birth to a new fairytale outfit. The folk costume is a precious artistic, social and historical document that I want to pass on to the next generations ”Victoria V.

Victoria's creations have climbed the traditional Romanian motifs on the catwalks in the country, but also in Paris, during Paris Fashion Week 2020, along with other big names in the industry. The ii and fote collections are a real experience for the public who enjoy the color, elegance and message transmitted by the folk costume.

Tailored for the love of Romania, with skill and care, Active Kid dresses and costumes are created to celebrate the joy of every moment in a child's life.

The traditional costumes, sewn with so much love by our grandparents, were our landmarks in life and made us proud to be Romanian. I have always felt that through them I can sew unforgettable stories, I can create moments of celebration that children and parents can carry in their souls. Through the presence of Active Kid creations in New York, I want to convey an authentic, harmonious and emotional clothing message. ” Victoria V.

Cleopatra Popescu Bojor (pictured below) is the modeling agent bringing the children models from Romania, along with the designer's fashions!

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