Models - Times Square Digital Billboard

Your Name and Face in Lights in the Heart of Times Square

Times Square offers a unique opportunity for exposure to more than 300,000 people per day from every corner of the world. hiTechMODA offers models who walked in hiTechMODA Season 2 (SEP 2019) or will be walking in hiTechMODA NYFW Season 3 (FEB 2020) a unique and affordable promotion.

(30) 15 second plays within a 2-hour period during NYFW Season 3

THU Feb 6 between 10am and 10pm

FRI Feb 6 between 8pm and 10pm

SUN Feb 9 between 10am and 10pm

Options A and B require only the submission of a professional high resolution fashion image . Your name will be added in a graphically effective way. No additional graphic design required.

Option A (left or right)  - $99  

Option B (center or top)- $169 

includes your name placement on the image


Options C, D and E require professional fashion content and the submission of a professionally designed file formatted to spec. The graphic design possibilities are varied. We consult with you to ensure the most effective use of the space and customize a design that to meet your need and your budget.

Option C - $199 (Design Consultation included)

Image File - professional fashion photos only and professional design required*


Option D -  $279 (Design Consultation included)

Image file or video - professional fashion photos only and professional design required*

Option E  - All screens:  Contact us for details.  



5% processing fee applies to all transaction

We reserve the right to approve all images and designs displayed in connection with hiTechMODA branding. 



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Phone: (917) 999-8718


Producer: PS Privette NYC/DC


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