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Derrick S. Grant

Derrick S. Grant


Derrick Shawn Grant is the founder and brainchild behind DKDesignFineArt, DKdesignfashion and Next Level World, LLC. He is primarily a fine-artist specializing in multimedia, digital and graphic design. Grant combines his love of fashion and art into one medium. He has developed a unique methodology called Grantique, which seeks to involve the observer in the story of the creation. His background is scientific, with Grant earning a Ph.D. in Anatomy and Medical research. Grants’ surrealist style combined with digital aspects creates an intense visual effect through his work.  

Derrick has been an Artist and Designer for the past 20 years, yet he has only been doing fashion for five years of the 20. In college, he took Fine-Art and designing courses along with his Ph.D. in Medical Research at Mc Gill University. In the past 15 years, he has designed theatrical costumes for Theater and Ballet Shows. Moreover, he has created several fashion collections for exhibition on the runway. He is currently the art and design director for Next Level World LLC and creates couture garments through his fashion brand Dkdesignfashion.

Fashion Shows:  
NYFW- HITECHMODA- Spring 2019  
NYFW and Philly DKdesign Fall Show 2018 Art Basel Miami Opa Locka, 2018  
NY Black-Hair Show Brooklyn NY, 2017  
Harlem- NYFW-Spring 2017  
Runway the Real Way Fashion Show 2017-18  
Harlem Fashion Week NYFW 2016  
Atlantic City Fashion Week 2015

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