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Opulence may not be a keyword one would expect in a ready-to-wear line, but this is what premier designer Albert Andrada offers to the elegant and accomplished woman who is looking for clothes-on-the-go.

The luxurious fabrics, elaborate embellishments, unique silhouette, and the delicate details associated with the couture line of Albert Andrada are making way into his ready-to-wear pieces that transcend day to evening, from informal to formal occasions.

The stamp of luxury presented by Albert Andrada in all his creations stems from his years of experience as an international designer that dates back to the late 1980s.  Before coming to Manila to establish his line, Albert Andrada served as Chief Creative Director in one of the prestigious fashion houses in the United Arab Emirates. He also served as a royal designer for one of the ruling families in the region. His style has been greatly influenced by his clients, who clamor for no less than affluence and originality in what they wear. "My experience there trained me to be meticulous in details," he quips. The richness of the culture in the region has also inspired him to create exquisite pieces for his privileged clients.

Traveling for leisure may be a respite for the busy, highly productive professional, but for Albert Andrada, he finds a way to nurture his aesthetics during his trips abroad. "Every time I travel, I make sure I research on the different cultures of the different countries I visit. Consequently, I always come up with an inspiration that is drawn from a country's tradition down to its history." He loves to watch the locals and keenly notes down how they naturally behave. All these observations, he says, make a fascinating springboard for fresh ideas.

Through the years, the Albert Andrada brand has created a steady following among illustrious women in the Middle East, the United States, and the Philippines. Complementing his commercial success is a string of accolades he reaps. Among them are Asia's Most Connected Designer given at the 2014 Mercedes Benz Style Asian Fashion Week held in Malaysia, Top Five Finalist-Haute Couture Category and Philippine representative at the 2013 Fashion Asia Awards in Chengdu, China and Designer of the Year at the 2002 Swarovski's Bridal Designer's Competition Award in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Following his continued success and international recognition, Albert Andrada has been active in showcasing his collections in various international Fashion Weeks such as New York, L.A., Singapore, and Malaysia, to name a few.

Hollywood is also starting to take notice of his designs. He takes credit for the intricately designed white frock worn by hotel heiress and celebrity Paris Hilton during the 2014 Grammy Awards. The dress was such a showstopper that is landed Ms. Hilton on the best-dressed list of significant publications that covered the event. His creations are found at The House of Stars Boutique at Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

More recently, his designs took center stage at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant held in Las Vegas, USA. Andrada created the national costume and evening gown of the eventual winner, Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Pageant observers and fans adored his creations, which are arguably the best a Filipina has ever worn in the competition in recent years. For the national costume, his design was inspired by the Manila carnival queens of the early 1900s. The terno is made of cocoon fabric and jusi, and heavily embellished with pearls, capiz shells, and crystals. A fan and a headdress complete the presentation. The royal blue gown, on the other hand, has a mermaid silhouette that perfectly flatters the figure of Miss Philippines. At first glance, the gown evokes a regal simplicity, but the back is complemented by ornate details of sequins and crystals in a geometric fashion. It was not surprising that Miss Philippines topped the evening gown competition. Andrada drew inspiration for his designs of the national costume and evening gown from the country's moniker as Pearl of the Orient.

Since the end of Miss Universe 2015, Andrada has continued to let his presence known in the Fashion Community both in the Philippines and abroad. In 2017, he was chosen to be the featured designer responsible for creating the Sarong Tagalogs of the male world leaders and their respective spouses for the ASEAN Summit held in the Philippines. Prime Minister Justin Truedeaux even stated that his designs were beautiful and far more comfortable than what he has worn in the past. The Prime Minister even requested that he and Andrada have a selfie together right before the event that garnered huge attention in the social media community.

There is no doubt that Albert Andrada is starting to become a renowned brand in the highly competitive and discriminating world of fashion worldwide. His foray into the ready-to-wear business may come as a surprise, but what he offers is anything but an extension of what he is already known for- sophistication, glamour, and luxury.

Albert Andrada

Albert Andrada Luxewear

Alycesaundra Lyerly is an 11-year-old designer. Always one known for her creativity. She first started designing at the age of 4, inspired by her mother's dress shop. One day when a girl was visiting the shop, she stumbled upon one of Alycesaundra’s designs and insisted she wanted to wear it to her pageant. The girl ended up winning, and it was then that Alycesaundra realized she wanted to pursue design. Although she is only 11, she is already a very established designer, having shown her designs at NYFW 4 years in a row, gearing into her 5th year this coming season.  

Alycesaundra describes her designs as “one of a kind, luxury couture, high fashion for the stylish Tweens & Teens.”

Alycesaundra Lyerly


Christina began at a very early age to design and make clothing. Over the years, her eye for color and design elements matured to be insightful, playful, and imaginative.

Inspired by her granddaughters and the Laughter of Children, PetiteTweets collections are the reflection of Christina's dream of creating a boutique line of children's apparel. Bringing her designs to the marketplace became a reality in 2017. Christina is steadfast in her mission of creating a clothing line Made in the USA. She is focused on bringing jobs for appeal manufacturing to metro Detroit through in-house production and outsourcing for larger needs.

Since Christina's passions are for children and pets, a percentage of proceeds will be contributed to some of her favorite charities.

Christiana Palombit

Petite Tweets

Derrick Shawn Grant is the founder and brainchild behind DKDesignFineArt, DKdesignfashion and Next Level World, LLC. He is primarily a fine-artist specializing in multimedia, digital and graphic design. Grant combines his love of fashion and art into one medium. He has developed a unique methodology called Grantique, which seeks to involve the observer in the story of the creation. His background is scientific, with Grant earning a Ph.D. in Anatomy and Medical research. Grants’ surrealist style combined with digital aspects creates an intense visual effect through his work.  

Derrick has been an Artist and Designer for the past 20 years, yet he has only been doing fashion for five years of the 20. In college, he took Fine-Art and designing courses along with his Ph.D. in Medical Research at Mc Gill University. In the past 15 years, he has designed theatrical costumes for Theater and Ballet Shows. Moreover, he has created several fashion collections for exhibition on the runway. He is currently the art and design director for Next Level World LLC and creates couture garments through his fashion brand Dkdesignfashion.

Fashion Shows:  
NYFW- HITECHMODA- Spring 2019  
NYFW and Philly DKdesign Fall Show 2018 Art Basel Miami Opa Locka, 2018  
NY Black-Hair Show Brooklyn NY, 2017  
Harlem- NYFW-Spring 2017  
Runway the Real Way Fashion Show 2017-18  
Harlem Fashion Week NYFW 2016  
Atlantic City Fashion Week 2015

Derrick S. Grant


Elena Collection was founded in 1990, by C.E.O., Seamstress, and Designer, Elena Pulido with one goal in mind: To create quality gowns and dresses by hand, to make the most important moments in your life all the more memorable. Whether it be your babies Christening, your daughter as a Flower Girl, or your very own wedding, Elena Collection has quality handmade products for any and all of life's special occasions.

Elena is 100% self-taught, completely circumventing the sketch process and literally is able to take her ideas and bring them to life. She opened her first storefront in 1990 and has stay opened to this day. With a brick and mortar factory and showroom in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District, EVERY garment is handmade to perfection by Elena and her team.

The specialty of her creations is bringing out an authentic, unique allure while staying focused on being completely original.

Elena Pulido

Elena Collection

Errick Kim is one of Australia’s most noted Fashion Designers. He began designing in 2014 and completed his  Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design And Technology.  

For three years, Errick was employed at Voyager Solo Distribution as a production merchandiser for the label “Thurley”  

Errick also shares his extensive knowledge through private tutoring as a pattern maker teacher.

Errick's designs have brought him much acclaim. He has won multiple notable awards in the Australian fashion community.

Award Winning Designer

2014 Australian Designer of the Year

1st Place:  Long Gown and Rags to Riches

2nd Place:  Little Black Dress

3rd Place:  Race Wear

2015 Australian Designer of the Year
1st Place: Long Gown
1st Place: Race Wear
2016 Australian Designer of the Year
1st Place: Little Black Dress
3rd Place: Avant Garde
2017 Australian Designer of the Year
1st Place: Avant Garde
2nd Place: Rages to Runway
2nd Place: RaceWear
3rd Place: Long Gown
2018 Australian Designer of the Year
1st Place: Australian Gown of the Year
1st Place: Race Wear


Errick Kim Fashion Designer

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