Derrick S. Grant (Dr)

This is exactly what DK design-fine-art-Next Level World stands for.  It is his goal to create exciting and innovative contemporary art-pieces that are transferred to fabric that can be used to create wearable art. 


Derrik S. Grant thinks of the finished garments as pieces of art not just a fashion looks.  We believe that art is not meant to be attached to the walls only, but should be expressed by the individual wearing the garment.


Additionally, Next level world uses the newest dye sublimation techniques to transfer the art to the fabrics that makes the garments. We also combine innovative fabrics such as gold mesh, neoprene, minkey, rag-cotton, canvas, silk faille to construct each fashion piece; creating novel canvases for the artwork.


Derrik's structural designs introduce new structural techniques incorporated into the creation of each piece (while maintaining wearability and practicality) to deliver outstanding elegance with a chic futuristic edge, which fits in perfectly with the business name- Next Level World.