Times Square Billboard 

  • Offer available to all models who are walking in any hiTechMODA show for any designer, or who have previously walked in a hiTechMODA show. 

  • Each hiTechMODA campaign consists of the 4 screens with our content playing on each of the screens as shown. 

  • Each campaign plays (30) times for a period of 15 seconds each time over a specified 2-hour time frame, typically between the hours of 6 and 10pm during the event.  

  • A single position, as illustrated, for hiTechMODA Models is priced at $149*. 

  • Placement is at the discretion of our graphic designer.

  • Expanded positions may be requested and wll be quoted upon request.

  • All four screens are available for a solo campaign. Quote will be provided upon request.

*Individuals not walking or showing for hiTechMODA contact opportunity@hiTechMODA.com for availabiity and pricing.